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SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit Set in Roll Kit 8 PCE Plumbing Sizes

8 Drill Bits in Polyester Roll Kit. 

Set contains (mm): 5.0 x 160, 6.5 x160, 8.0 x 350, 10 x 350, 13 x 450, 16 x 450, 20 x 450, 25 x 450. 

  • SDS Plus Masonry Drill Set containing common sizes used in plumbing installations.
  • The Dymaxion SDS Plus masonry drill range drill faster and last longer than standard two edged rotary hammer bits.
  • The single piece* 4 edge tungsten carbide head offers extreme toughness and wear resistance drilling with exceptionally low vibration.
  • The precision cutting facets create dimensionally accurate holes for improved anchor performance.
  • Hole positioning is simplified with the self-centering drill tip reducing bit wander.
  • Four flute geometry ensures efficient dust removal while retaining a solid engineered heavy duty core the length of the drill to prevent bending and breakage.
  • Suitable for use in: Concrete, High MPA Concrete, Hard Aggregate, Masonry, Hard Stone and Brick.
  • * A few diameters may utilise a conventional three piece tungsten carbide arrangement.

Revised 12/05/2024