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SDS Plus Drill Bit for Concrete and Masonry 10mm x 450mm

The Dymaxion SDS Plus masonry drill range drill faster and last longer than standard two edged rotary hammer bits.
The single piece* 4 edge tungsten carbide head offers extreme toughness and wear resistance drilling with exceptionally low vibration.
The precision cutting facets create dimensionally accurate holes for improved anchor performance.
Hole positioning is simplified with the self-centering drill tip reducing bit wander.
Four flute geometry ensures efficient dust removal while retaining a solid engineered heavy duty core the length of the drill to prevent bending and breakage.
Suitable for use in: Concrete, High MPA Concrete, Hard Aggregate, Masonry, Hard Stone and Brick.
* A few diameters may utilise a conventional three piece tungsten carbide arrangement.

Revised 13/05/2024