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Guyco Poly Threaded Hose Tail - 8mm (1/4") Thread to 1/4" Male Hose Barb


Guyco hose tails are also known as directors and are used with flexible hose to provide a BSPT threaded fitting so that the hose can be connected to a valve, another fitting or even a pump. 

They are Australian designed and manufactured for Australian conditions and are commonly applied to marine, horticultural, agricultural, plumbing and irrigation of non-volatile fluids, where a cost effective long life fitting is required. 

Precision heavy duty BSPT threads reduce the potential of spiral leakage and a convenient hexagonal design allows for simple installation with minimal tools. 

They are manufactured from materials suitable for use with potable water which are a strong, durable construction in Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon to maintain thread integrity. 

Hose clamps are recommended with the installation.



 • Pressure rating: 1600kPa (6 - 50mm) 1200kPa (65mm) 1000kPa (80 - 100mm).

 • Maximum operating temperature +60°C.

 • Fittings are weather, termite, fungi and bacteria resistant. * 350KPA - “NMHT100 / 08371307100” 

UV Stabilised - Will continue to perform, even in harsh sunlight conditions.

 Long BSPT Threads - Better engagement with opposing threads. 

Innovative Design - Fittings are weather, termite, fungi and bacteria resistant. 

Potable Water Standard Materials - Manufactured from materials that meet potable water standards.

 Full Flow - Minimum head loss to installation. 


BSP sealing threads should be joined with Teflon thread tape or an appropriate sealing compound.

 • All threaded pipe work should be adequately supported with thrust blocks if necessary.

 • Hose clamps are recommended


Revised 24/04/2023