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Diamond Core Drill Kit Rated to Cut Concrete - Brick, Fibre Cement. Granite etc


These core drills and will cut all materials including concrete, brick, compressed fibre cement board, granite, and other masonry type building materials.

 By using adaptor AUB100 these core bits may be fitted to core drilling machines.

Core drills 52mm, 65mm & 80mm x 160 mm long Concrete rated. 

Kit includes SDS Plus & 12mm HEX adaptors, 2 x pilot drills. Aluminium carry case.

Diamond core drills must be run without hammer action and ideally a minimum of 850 watts with variable speed and a slipping clutch. 

Three jaw HEX chucks produce the best result allowing a rigid assembly when mounted on the drill. 

See replacement core bits in separate listings in our store.