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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Router Head - Grinding Drum Head - 65mm dia x 32mm Depth - 40/50 Grit


Stanley TruaCuT Vacuum Brazed Diamond Heads are used on Angle Grinders with (M14 thread as used in Australia) to grind flats or produce a perfect profile on a wide variety of materials WET or DRY and at any speed as the diamonds are brazed on using our EXTRA strong bonding vacuum brazed technology.

This bonding process allows 40% more exposure of the diamonds to do cutting than electroplated method.

They also hold their shape during its life.

The small bearing runs on the front face and the larger hard rubber rimed bearing holds the top surface for safe and easy control of the profile head during grinding.

Both ensures the profile shape is consistent as you move the grinder back & forth until the full depth & shape is completed ready for the polishing process.

There are water holes in the heads if your grinder has water adaption as original manufacturer supply.

Life increases by 50% plus when water is used. But they can be used DRY.


Hard Rubber Top Bearing on the Router Heads is either 85mm or 105mm Dia. The hard rubber bearing helps prevent the top finished surface from scratching but taping helps.


Revised 2/06/2024