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Turbo Diamond Core Drill Bit Kit Brick Rated 1/2" BSP 65, 80mm Dia x 160mm Length


Turbo segment diamond core drill kit includes: -  65, 80mm dia x 160mm long with 1/2" BSP fitting,

 90mm long drill adaptor in SDS Plus, HEX & pilot drill, 200mm long extension rod for double brick walls.

Rated to cut brick.

 The turbo diamond core drill bits in these kits are designed for use without water. 

They are 160mm long with the same 1/2" BSP fittings as the CCSB range. 

The advantage is they are light weight, shorter and available in key diameters popular with Plumbers, Electricians and A/C installers. 

Do not operate on hammer action! 

High quality turbo diamond segments. Supplied in sturdy aluminium case.