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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw for Metal (Trade) -35mm Diameter - Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel


Suitable for steel, iron and stainless steel. 

Suit 3mm to 10mm depth of cut. 

HSS pilot drill with spring ejector. 

Max drill depth 13mm with no spring ejector — with ejector 5mm. 

Manual slug ‘push out holes’ for diameters 40mm upwards. 

User Tips * Maintain constant drilling angle to avoid tooth damage. 

* Avoid restarting the same hole cut with pressure on the drill bit particularly if the drilling angle has changed – this can damage the teeth. 

* Use a drilling lubricant particularly when drilling thicker metals. 

* Use ‘slower’ speeds and maintain a constant drill pressure – this will enable maximum drilling performance and increase the drill bit life span.