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Slotting Cutters 16-40mm+ Finger Joint Set 1/2" Shank


16-40mm+ Finger Joint Set 1/2" Shank

Adjustable Depth

Cutting capacity 10min to 40mm max. 12.7x38mm shk 28mm x 8mm ID bearing. 

Finger 40mm dia Kerf 1.8 -3.3mm


Produces a beautiful, strong exposed finger joint on end and long grain 

Make central identical cuts on both pieces always using the butting edge cutter, invert one piece & fit together (See Insert Two Finger Picture) 

Approx size of joint 

one finger 10-16mm 

two fingers 16-21mm 

three fingers 21-26mm

 four fingers 26-31mm

 five fingers 31-37mm