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SeaFlo G4700 Sump Pump - Submersible Bilge Pump - 12 Volt Flow Rate 296.5 LMP


G4700 Sump Pump 

12 Volt, Flow Rate 296.5LMP, Head 8m, Outlet Dia 2" (50mm) 

 Features & Benefits:
Entirely submersible 
Snap-off strainer base 
Stainless steel shaft
 Anti-Airlock protection 
Exclusive moisture tight seals 
Marine grade blocked wiring 
Quiet operation


SEAFLO non-automatic 4700GPH bilge pumps with high efficiency, heavy duty motors, offer high capacity output. Very powerful pump. Quick release strainer for easy maintenance.Water sampling, high volume liquid transfer, low-noise continuous workplace; Large aquarium, small swimming pool, water reservoirs, fountains and many other applications.12v Boat Marine Plumbing Electric Bilge Pumps