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SeaFlo Ag Pumps - 24 Volt Washdown Pump Kit - Series 51 Diaphragm Pump


24 Volt, Flow Rate 18.9 LMP, Shut Off Pressure 70 PSI, 4.8 Bar

 Features & Benefits:
6m x 12mm UV-protected Coiled Hose
 Adjustable sprayer 
Smooth flowing
Inlet Strainer 
Seaflo Series 51 Diaphragm Pump 
Quiet Operation

Heavy-duty washdown kit.

 For cleaning pools, walls, windows, machines and other similar applications.

This pump boasts a huge 5 GPM capacity. 

It has an on-demand switch, so the pump automatically turns on when you squeeze the spray gun handle.

 With 70 PSI cutoff, this has the pressure to get rid of stubborn debris. 

Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications