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Router Bit - 6mm x 19.0mm Straight Bit - Two Flutes - (1/2") 12.7 x 38mm Shank


A 6.0mm  B 19.0mm  

(1/2") 12.7 X 38mm Shank

(1/2") 12.7 x 38mm shank used for general routing, grooving etc.

Bottom of the bit is ground for general plunging then normal side cutting. 

Remember that a 1/2" shank bit is no stronger that of the narrowest section of the bit

 eg. A 6mm dia. TM1406 (1/2"shk) bit is generally no stronger than the same size with 1/4" shank. 

Extra long cut bits (X/L cut) are ideal for use in Router benches when trimming or planing the edge of timber instead of using your power plane. 

This planing method makes sure you plane your job square to the main surface. 


Revised 17/05/2024