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Diamond Core Drill Bit Concrete for Portable Hand Held Drills 25mm Dia x 220mm Length - 1/2" BSP Fittings


Rated to cut reinforced concrete & brick. 

½” BSP fitting and 12mm long (high) diamond segments. 

These core drill bits can be fitted to a range of adaptor rods ( ½” BSP adaptor rods) 

including SDS- Plus, standard HEX & SDS-MAX. 

So they can be operated on normal power drills – hammer action turned OFF. 

This range also fits to diamond core drill machines with the adaptors AUB100 or AUB200. 

Drills listed as 220 long can core to 190mm in depth and the 400 to 400mm in depth. 

The 400mm core drills are used for imbedding steel bars when joining new to old concrete slabs.

 User Information: - Use water quenching to cool diamond segments. 

Wall ties can damage segments so investigate all obstructions and remove.