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1 1/2" BSP (40mm) Brass Ball Valve Lever Handle Female Female With Test Point Watermarked



Brass ball valves are recommended for use in residential and light commercial applications and are suitable for hot or cold water, compressed air and most non-corrosive fluids and hydrocarbons including diesel.

The tamper proof casing allows "full flow" and the bottom loaded stem design prevents a 'blow out'.

The double seal elastic O-ring enables the valve to seal at low and high pressure reliability.

The valve has a robust cast design and the handle may be replaced while the valve is still in service.

Watermark Approved

Full Bore

100% Pressure Tested

Lockable ON and OFF

Blow Proof Spindle

Stainless Steel Handle

Tested and certified to WMTS012

Working Temperature -20oC to 120oC

Maximum Pressure Rating 2500 kPa

Body - DR Brass

Seal - PTFE

Ball - DR Brass

Bonnet - DR Brass

Spindle - DR Brass

O Rings - FKM

Handle - Stainless Steel

Lock Nut - Stainless Steel

Test Plug - DR Brass