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Core Drill Accessories - Adaptor Extension 350mm 1/2" BSP to 1/2" BSP Thread


1/2" BSP Fitting 

Adaptor Extension 350mm

1/2" BSP to 1/2" BSP Thread - Widest diameter 32mm

This is the range of accessories needed to attach all short series core drill bits onto the power drill including CCSB and CBTB ranges and any product that has a female ½” BSP fitting.

 SDS-Plus and standard 12mm HEX shank are available in short and long lengths. 

For example long lengths (ASPB260 & AHB250) are suited to core cutting through double brick walls.

 As a guideline for larger & heavier core drill bits over 80mm in diameter, use HEX or SDS-MAX shank to avoid SDS Plus chuck damage.

 Centre pilot drills are required to control starting the cut.

* Note that the diameter of the widest part of each adaptor rod is given - if you wish to drill deeper than the given depth of your core drill bit (see CCSB range) – check this diameter!

 For example if you are using ASPB260 this is 25mm just below the threaded section so the core drill bit must be 25mm in diameter or larger or it will not fit into the core hole to allow deeper drilling