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32mm x 32mm Norma Telescopic Metric Joiner - PE x PE - Blue Line Poly Pipe Irrigation Fittings


The Metric Telescopic Compression Fittings range is Norma Group manufactured with a high level of quality for product peace of mind.

These fittings are UV stabilised to ensure they will continue to perform, even in harsh sunlight conditions and are the ideal connection for repairing and tapping into metric PE pipe.

These ends are also interchangeable with the Norma rural fittings.

The telescopic fittings will speed up the process of repairing a broken pipe, while reducing the physical labour involved and the amount of products used. It is no longer necessary to create enough distance between two joiners to flex new pipe in. Simply remove the broken section and use a telescopic fitting by connecting one end and extending the other.


Revised 27/07/2022