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SeaFlo G2000 Sump Pump - Submersible Bilge Pump -24 Volt Flow Rate 121LMP


G2000 Sump Pump 

24 Volt, Flow Rate 121 LMP, Head 5m, Outlet Dia 1 1/8 " (29mm) 

 Features & Benefits:
Entirely submersible 
Snap-off strainer base 
Stainless steel shaft
Anti-Airlock protection 
Exclusive moisture tight seals 
Marine grade blocked wiring 
Quiet operation

 SEAFLO non-automatic 1500GPH bilge pumps offer standard action activated by a panel or float switch.

Small size, high efficiency, low current (low cost switching power supply supporting).

Removable strainer for easy replacement or in the event that the pump becomes clogged with debris.