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Dymaxion Core Drilling Machine 3300 Watt Rig Mounted 1 1/4" UNC Spindle PCD3300


This heavy duty core drill design has been available for many years and still represents a simple but effective machine for cutting larger diameter cores. 

The machine requires a 15AMP power supply either from the mains or can be operated via suitable generators on work sites. 

The core drill stand will angle down to horizontal and is recommended for bolting down and not for use with vacuum hold down system. 

Despite the weight at 56.5 KG the two sturdy wheels make on site locating easy work and fitted with a sky hook for power lifting onto transport. 

At 90° the rig lift height is 700mm allowing long core drill bits to make single cuts without adding extension rod

When choosing a core drill machine there are two main factors to consider,

 firstly what are the largest diameter holes typically required and is hand held drilling a requirement? 

Diamond core drill machines are rated for the largest core they can cut either as hand held or mounted on a core drill stand (rig). 

After this decision is made then choosing a machine is clear and straight forward.

 Drilling larger diameters in concrete requires a core drill stand but if only drilling in brick or soft materials then hand held is acceptable.

 * Please note that reconstituted limestone is classed as a concrete product. 

Models Available *AGCDM80 intended for hand held up to 100mm dia in brick and small diameter concrete core drilling. * PCD17000 HH used for hand held drilling up to133m dia in brick or rig mounted 90mm in concrete. *AGCDM160 is versatile as it is hand held up to 200mm dia in brick or rig mounted 160mm in concrete.