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REPLACEMENT Pilot Drill & Ejector Spring for Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw for Metal (Trade) -75mm Diameter - Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel


Replacement parts only.


Suitable for steel, iron and stainless steel. 

Suit 3mm to 10mm depth of cut. 

HSS pilot drill with spring ejector. 

Max drill depth 13mm with no spring ejector — with ejector 5mm. 

Manual slug ‘push out holes’ for diameters 40mm upwards. 

User Tips * Maintain constant drilling angle to avoid tooth damage. 

* Avoid restarting the same hole cut with pressure on the drill bit particularly if the drilling angle has changed – this can damage the teeth. 

* Use a drilling lubricant particularly when drilling thicker metals. 

* Use ‘slower’ speeds and maintain a constant drill pressure – this will enable maximum drilling performance and increase the drill bit life span.